Web Site Analysis

We check your Web site to see if it is suitable for today's internet technologies and whether you can represent it adequately with our expert team and we inform you about these issues free of charge.
Things to note when reviewing your website:
1. Graphic design of your website. (Examining the reflection of corporate identity).
2. Examining the adequacy of your website as content.
3. Examining the website's software infrastructure.
4. The general functioning of your website is easy to understand and its speed is studied.
5. An overview of your site's ranking in terms of search engine ranking and search engine optimization.
Examining the general coding of your site in terms of.
6. Examination of the compatibility and the prevalence of Google search engine with pagerank analysis.
7. Examination of Hosting and Domain services as properties and competence.
8. Examine how your website looks and works on mobile devices.
9. Checking browser compatibility (firefox, chrome, internet explorer, safari, opera etc.)
10. Review of social media integrations and Google AdWords compliance.
In the 10 titles mentioned above, we are reviewing your website for free and we will inform you of your site free of charge. if you wish to prepare a price quote about missing and we are taking the deficiencies of your site with our professional stuff to today's technology. You can also do these studies in different firms.

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